Sean Spicer drives a BMW aka the importance of WHOIS privacy

So, this is an interactive post. What I’d like you to do is the following:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner search box, enter in

    like this:
    and click the WHOIS in green to search.


You’ll get a list of information, including (at the time of this post) President Trump’s press secretary’s home address, telephone number and his email address.

What gives?

This is called the “WHOIS Database.” Back in the ye olde days of the Internet, it was decided that there should be a central repository of who owns domain names so that if there’s a problem with it you can contact the person responsible.

This was all well and good up until individuals started buying their own domains. So, a thing called “WHOIS privacy” was invented that shields your information from being out in the public domain. Instead of your information, a go-between’s information is there. They can still get ahold of you if needed, but it’s through a third party.

A lot of registrars take this opportunity to charge you for it (GoDaddy in Mr. Spicer’s case charges about $8 a year for it) but smaller guys (Hover, for instance) give it to you for free. (Disclaimer: I’m neither a GoDaddy or Hover customer.)

In either case, you should use WHOIS privacy. Otherwise you may get creepers looking at your house on Google Maps.

Sean’s got a cute little house with a BMW and an Acura in the driveway. But Sean, clip that tree that’s encroaching on your roof.

PS. Sean, your Yahoo email’s been pwned.